Ancestral home and Great House of the Domain of Alton, described as "a wide-flung house . . . built of blue-grey stone with wide, spaces of translucence in the stone walls . . ." Much of the action of The Spell Sword takes place in Armida and surrounding villages. Site of a horse-ranch; Regis Hastur's mare Melisande was a gift of Kennard Alton, as was the mare ridden by Danilo Syrtis. Site of the "Forbidden Tower" experiments conducted by Damon Ridenow as Keeper with a Circle comprising Callista, Ellemir and Andrew Carr during the years following the Catmen's War.

It was ravaged by forest fire about three years before the Sharra Rebellion, when "some of the outbuildings had gone in the backfire." Regis Hastur stayed there with Lew Alton from about age 10 to 12; they became bredin before Regis was sent to Nevarsin.
The casta name means "The Fortified One," evidently alluding not to the usual castle defenses but to ancient matrix weapons.

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