Ashara Alton was trained by Varzil the Good to be a Keeper in a time where only men were Keeper's .  Her training was harsh and rigorous.  She became a great and powerful Keeper during the Age of Chaos.  She served as Under Keeper at Neskaya then Keeper and later became Keeper at Hali.

Somewhere along the way Ashara started to enjoy her position of power and refused to give it up even after death.  There became a history of instances where Ashara overshadowed young girls who were training to become Keepers as well as bending others to her will.  Marguerida Alton is one such person that Ashara overshadowed.

Ashara Alton is said to also have been instrumental in some of the architecture of Comyn Castle and had the building fitted with secret passages and with matrix crystals.

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