The Bearer of Burdens is descriptive of the Terran St. Christopher of Centaurus, originally. this later evolved into the cristoforo sect, which has its main monastery at Nevarsin.

The Bearer of Burdens was depicted originally as bearing the Divine Child, more recently as "bearing the weight of the world's sorrows." Originally, the man who carried the Christ child across a stream nearly drowned under his weight; on reaching the other side, he was told, "This night have you borne upon your shoulders the weight of the world's sorrows," and he received the name of Christophoros (from the Greek, "Christ-bearer").

Father Valentine Neville, who was the surviving ship's chaplain on the Terran ship that crash-landed on Darkover, belonged to the Order of St. Christopher of Centaurus, Reformed Catholic Church. It can be surmised that he founded the monastery. In later genera­tions his followers became known as cristoforos, eventually canonizing Fr. Neville as Saint Valentine-of-the-Snows.

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