• Gibson Praise

    Well I appear to be in the deep end of the pool now!  I've been granted admin and bureaucrat privs.  That should allow me to set up a forum.  What else I'm still learning!

    I've continued to add new content, mostly in the form of stub pages.  Two new templates have been added, Template:Book and Template:Place.  The former is in good shape but the Place template I am not satisfied with at all.  If anyone has suggestions, please speak up on the talk page for that template.

    This is a massive project.  It is daunting!  However, no journey ends until the first step is taken. ;-))

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  • Gibson Praise

    Ok!  It's the end of another day and I find myself further drawn, not less.  After some mad re-arranging and creation of new pages (mostly with only placeholder information it is true ... I was trying for structure today, more than solid, meaty information), I have made a fool of myself and requested admin priviledges for this wiki.  A fool I may be, but not totally mad.  The only current admin of the wiki was last seen in 2008 ... and never once made an edit.  I figure I really can NOT do worse!

    Anyway, more important news was the creation of template for characters, a box that collates a few details in a consistant way.  You can find it at Template:Character and if you find a character page without it, please add it!  If you have suggestion…

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  • Gibson Praise

    A blog post ...

    I suppose I should introduce myself somewhat and say why I have signed up to this wiki.

    I am a long time (40+) SF & fantasy reader.  Perhaps my favorite series of books (other than Tolkien) are those concerned with Darkover.  I read my first Darkover books in the old Ace Double format, back when 45,000 to 60,000 words were considered a novel.  I fell in love with them then and that love affair has not dimmed across all this time many, many re-readings, and multiple co-authors and inheritor authors.

    That would be who I am and somewhat of why I am here.  With the recent releases of new Darkover books in the past few years and talk of a TV series to boot, back I went to re-read my favorite stories.  That led to reading the storie…

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  • LinnzyB

    character section

    August 28, 2009 by LinnzyB

    If you check out the updated character section, you will find that it hasn't been fully updated with EVERY story and novel. This is because i haven't managed to get my hands on every one. And yes I know i havent really finished Exile's Song and Traitor's Sun, but that's because I didn't add the characters to my personal list before i returned them to the library. I have gotten a few anthologies that i will add ASAP.

    Also, many characters (like Regis and Lew) appear in multiple novels, and I figure this list is cramped enough, so I will only write about them once. I will try to give them a list of books they also appeared in though, but as i keep reading they keep popping up in unexpected places. if u find a book i haven't added yet, ADD IT …

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