Carolin Hastur
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Laran yes
Occupation King
Novels Hawkmistress!, Zandu's Forge

Carolin Hastur or "Carlo" of Carcosa is the rightrul heir to the Hastur throne when his grandfather dies and his cousin Rakhal and his councillor Lyondri Hastur take over and make him an exile and fugitive.  While on the run and fighting to regain his throne he uses the name Dom Carlo.
Carlo met Varzil while at Arilinn Tower and the two soon became fast friends, because of their brushes with laran weapons and the losses of war they form an idea that will later become the Compact, which helps end laran warfare on Darkover.  Carlo grew up fostered with Maura , Jandria , Orain , Rakhal and Lyondri at Hastur Castle and was close friends with Eduin MacEarn and Varzil Ridenow.
As a youth Carlo studied at Arilinn Tower and was raised by his grandfather to rule.  He was betrothed to Alianora Ysabet Ardais, an arranged marriage, which bore two son, after regaining the throne Carolin marries Maura.
Carolin is described as having brilliant red hair, grey eyes, a modest amount of laran but possess some prescience.  He is the heir of Hastur due to his being the son of the kings eldest brother.

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