Coryn Leynier
Vital statistics
Sex male
Laran very strong
Father Beltran Leynier
Siblings Eddard, Petro, Tessa, Margarida, Kristlin
Novels The Fall of Neskaya

laranzu at Tramontana; in Love with Taniquel Hastur-Acosta

Coryn is the youngest son of Lord Beltran Leyneir of Verdanta Castle.  He was laran tested by Rumail Deslucido of Neskaya Tower, Rumail secretly used his laran to tamper with Coryn's mind to use him as a possible pawn later, he recommended Coryn go to Tramontana Tower .

It was at Tramontana Tower that Coryn learned to control his laran and to put aside his differences with the Storn family whom his family had a long feud with.  The Keeper at Tramontana, Kieran , believed the Towers should be neutral and not supply laran weapons to any lords.

While traveling to Neskaya Coryn meets Taniquel Hastur-Acosta and nurses her back to health.

Coryn is described as having bright copper hair, his grandmother was an Aillard and its hinted that he is has psychic empathy.

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