Danvan-Valentine Hastur
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Laran Weak laran, non-telepath
Spouse Cassilda Lanart
Father Lorill Hastur
Mother Unknown
Siblings Camilla n'ha Kyria, aka Elorie Lindir (paternal half-sister)
Children Rafael Hastur (son), Alisa Hastur (daughter), unnamed daughter
Family Hastur
Novels The Forbidden Tower, Thendara House, The Bloody Sun, The Heritage of Hastur, The Planet Savers (mentioned), Sharra's Exile, The World Wreckers, The Hastur Lord

Danvan-Valentine Hastur served as Regent to Derik Elhayln, at the time age 5, after King Stefan died.  Once while being introduced by Valdir Alton the full title given to him was "Danvan Hastur of Hastur, Warden of Hastur, Regent of the Seven Domains, Lord of Thendara and Carcosa.  While serving as Regent of the Domains of Darkover Danvan has taking them through troubling and turbulent times due to the Terran presence and with internal affairs of the Domains.

Danvan Hastur was said to not be a tall man, seemingly scholarly and quiet with fair hair, blue eyes and a voice that filled a room without being loud.  He was courteous and unassuming but his stately stance and incisive mind gave him a tremendous and commanding presence.  Amazingly Danvan was not a telepath despite being of Comyn blood.

Danvan is the grandfather to Regis and Javanne Hastur.

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