Darkover Landfall
Darkover Landfall1
No tradition can withstand the Ghost Wind's gale
Author(s) Marion Zimmer Bradley
Publication date Dec, 1972
Length 160 pages
Published by DAW
Darkover, 1
first book in series

Darkover Landfall was first published in December 1972, by DAW Books, with cover art by Jack Gaughan.[1] It was her seventh Darkover to be published.  In the chronology of the series this is the first book.

Marion Zimmer Bradley noted that her editor "Don changed the title of Summer of the Ghost Wind to the title under which it appeared in print. Darkover Landfall."[2]

Brief Summary: A Terran colony ship crash-lands on an uncharted planet far off it's original course

The BookEdit

Major CharactersEdit

  • Rafael MacAran - a geologist who leads exploration trips.
  • Camilla Del Rey - first officer of the crashed starship, navigator
  • Judith Lovat - food expert, falls in love with a chieri
  • Harry Leichester--the captain of the starship..
  • Ewen Ross--medical doctor on first exploration trip.
  • Heather Stuart--microbiologist on first exploration.
  • Marco Zabal--gets killed on first exploration
  • Lewis MacLeod--zoologist on first exploration..
  • Mr. Moray--colonist becomes leader when the people find out they are stuck on planet.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Dr. Di Asturias--Head Physician
  • Margaret Raimondi
  • Fiona MacMorair
  • Laura
  • Janice
  • Major Frazer
  • Dominick
  • Eloise
  • Alastair
  • Lori Lovat
  • Laurence Patrick
  • Mhari
  • Harry


References Edit

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