David Conner was involved in a bad accident, he was on a big ship in space when it exploded.  The crew hardly had time to evacuate to the lifeboats, four of the crew made it into some new experimental plastic bubblesuits.  The others were never recovered, the suits had been made so you could survive a few minutes untill the lifeboats picked you up, Conner's suit worked too well.  It was four months later that he was found and rescued after drifting in space with no sense of time or oriention.  He was in the hospital for some time afterward, while lost in space Conner's mind enabled him to move and travel, once rescued he felt confined and heavy.

While in the hospital he was approached about going to Darkover to participate in Project Telepath, a cooperative effort between the Terran governement and Darkover to study psychic powers.  On Darkover Conner met and fell in love with Missy.

David Conner is described as tall and thin, slightly balding, with dark shin in the brown-black range.

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