Desideria Leynier-Storn was married to Loran Rakhal Storn and lived at High Windward in the Hellers.  She had three daughters and is the grandmother of Linnea Storn-Lanart who grew up to be a Keeper and the wife of Regis Hastur.

When younger she had hair like fire and grey eyes.  During the time of the Telepath Project she was 92yrs old with a wrinkled and shrunken face but still stood erect and slender.  Her hands were gnarled and knotted with age but she was still graceful and had a high clear voice.

Desideria was trained up in the mountains at Castle Aldaran with a small group of girls.  When she was young she was a powerful leronis and trained to be a Keeper, she possessed clairvoyance, a high degree of clairaudience, a small degree of precognition not to exceed 3 months and had limited psychokinetic abilities not exceeding 14 grains in weight without the use of a matrix.

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