Diotima Ridenow
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Laran Ridenow Gift, telepathy
Spouse Lewis Alton
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings Edric Ridenow (brother), Auster Ridenow (brother), Geremy Ridenow (brother), Lerrys Ridenow (brother)
Children Unnamed stillborn son
Family Ridenow
Novels Sharra's Exile, The World Wreckers (mentioned), Exile's Song (mentioned), The Shadow Matrix, Traitor's Sun (mentioned)

Diotima Ridenow was the second wife to Lewis Alton .  They met off planet while she was with her brothers and Lew was in the Senate.  She was a loving, caring wife and stepmother to Lew and Marguerida Alton .  Diotima became very sick and eventually died.

She possessed the Ridenow donas in full, which is empathy and telepathy with non telepaths.

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