Domenic Alton-Hastur
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Laran Alton Gift, yet unknown form of laran related to the planet itself, possesses telepathy
Spouse Illona Rider (freemate)
Father Mikhail Lanart-Hastur
Mother Marguerida Alton
Siblings Roderick Alton-Hastur (brother), Yllana Alton-Hastur (sister)
Children Unborn child (by Illona)
Family Hastur
Novels The Shadow Matrix, Traitor's Sun, The Alton Gift, The Children of Kings

Domenic Gabriel-Lewis Alton-Hastur is the son of Mikhail and Marguerida.  He has a younger brother and sister, Roderick and Yllana.

Domenic like his siblings possess laran as well as the Alton Gift.  He has also been tested and shown to have an unknown form of laran, he studied under Istvana Ridenow to try and understand it better, it appears that Domenic is attuned to Darkover the planet itself in some way.

Since his father was Regent to Darkover, when Mikhail became sick and unable to lead Domenic stepped into his father's place willingly and overcame his many fears and insecurities and lead Darkover through a crisis, the resurgence of Trailman Fever.

Being childhood friends with his foster-sister Alanna Alar they were very close, this relationship then turned into a romance where he promised to marry her.  Later Domenic reunited with an old friend, Illona, and discovered she was actually his soulmate but he didn't know how to tell Alanna.  Alanna discovered this and in the end things worked out and Domenic and Illona were together.

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