Felicia Darriell
Vital statistics
Race Half-chieri
Sex Female
Laran Extent of powers unknown, was likely a telepath
Spouse Zeb Scott
Father Rakhal Darriell
Mother Unknown chieri
Children Thyra Darriell (daughter), Marjorie Scott (daughter), Rafe Scott (son)
Family Darriell
Novels Rediscovery, The Heritage of Hastur (mentioned), Sharra's Exile (mentioned), Exile's Song (mentioned)

Felicia Darriell is possibly the daughter of old mad Rakhal Darriell and a chieri. Rakhal is said to have showed up on Lady Storns doorstep with a babe he said he found in the wood.  The child was named Felicia and was raised as foster sister to Lauretta Storn-Lanart, who married Kermiac Aldaran.  As is custom in the mountains while Lauretta was with child she insisted Felicia take her place in Kermiac's bed, because of this Thyra is believed to actually be Kermiac's daughter.

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