Hermes-Gabriel Aldaran
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Laran Aldaran Gift, telepathy
Spouse Katherine Korniel
Father Damon Aldaran
Mother Unknown
Siblings Robert Aldaran (twin brother), Gisela Aldaran (sister), Raul Aldaran (paternal half-brother), Renald Aldaran (paternal half-brother), several unnamed paternal half-siblings
Children Terése Aldaran (daughter)
Family Aldaran
Novels The Shadow Matrix (mentioned),Traitor's Sun, The Alton Gift

Hermes-Gabriel Aldaran served as a senator like Lew Alton in the Galactic Empire Senate.  He is the twin brother of Robert and has a sister Gisela.  He is married to Katherine, who has a son from a previous marriage, Amaury, and they had a daughter together, Terese.

Hermes does possess the Aldaran Gift of precognition and has demonstrated clairaudience as well.

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