Javanne Hastur-Lanart
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Laran None to little, possesses telepathy
Spouse Gabriel Lanart
Father Rafael Hastur
Mother Alanna Elhalyn
Siblings Rinaldo Lanart-Hastur (half-brother), Regis Hastur (brother)
Children Rafael Lanart-Hastur (son), Gabriel Lanart-Hastur (son), Mikhail Lanart-Hastur (son), Ariel Lanart-Hastur (daughter), Liriel Lanart-Hastur (daughter)
Family Hastur
Novels The Heritage of Hastur, Sharra’s Exile, Exile’s Song, Hastur Lord, The Shadow Matrix, Traitor's Sun, The Alton Gift

Javanne Hastur is the sister to Regis Hastur as well as the mother of Mikhail; power-crazed instigator of several incidents involving Mikhail, Marguerida, and Domenic.  Javanne is very ambious for a woman on a planet dominated by men, she can be very stubborn, wanting things done her way and prefers Darkover to go back to the old ways.

She is married to Gabriel and mothered three sons, Rafael, Gabriel and Mikhail, and two daughters Ariel and Liriel, who is a gifted leronis.

Described as not being tall, with rust-brown hair that has lightened with age, gray eyes and a square jaw.  Said to strongly resemble her brother and has 6 fingers on her hand. Javanne turns out to have a medical problem that is responsible for a lot of the problems she caused.Domenic who she treated poorly ends up spending time just before she dies with him in the beginning of the Alton Gift.

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