Kennard-Gwynn Lanart-Alton
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Laran Alton Gift, possesses telepathy
Spouse Elaine Montray
Father Valdir Alton
Mother Elorie Ardais (daughter of Gabriel Ardais and Rohana Aillard)
Siblings Lewis-Arnad Alton (brother)
Children Lewis-Kennard Alton (son), Marius Alton (son)
Family Alton
Occupation Lord Alton
Novels Star of Danger, The Bloody Sun, The Heritage of Hastur, Sharra's Exile, Exile's Song (mentioned), The Shadow Matrix (mentioned)

Kennard-Gwynn Alton is the father of Lew by Terran Elaine Montray.  Kennard was best friends with her brother Larry Montray who can to Darkover and exchanged places with him. 

Kennard had the full Alton Gift and because the Comyn Council did not recognize his marriage to Elaine he had to prove his children had the Alton donas in order to make them legitimate heirs to his domain.  Because of this Kennard and his son Lewis were astranged off and on through the years.Also has another son Marius. Kennard went away from Darkover in the end of Heritage of Hastur because Lew needed help with the hand ruined trying to keep the Sharra matrix from doing more damage. He died on Vainwal and Lew returned to Darkover.

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