Lewis-Kennard Lanart-Montray Alton y Aldaran
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Laran Alton Gift, possesses strong telepathy
Spouse Marjorie Scott (first wife), Diotima Ridenow (second wife)
Father Kennard Alton
Mother Elaine Montray
Siblings Marius Alton (brother)
Children Unnamed unborn child, deceased (by Marjorie Scott), Marguerida Alton (daughter by Thyra Darriell), unnamed stillborn son (by Diotima Ridenow)
Family Alton
Novels The Sword of Aldones, The Heritage of Hastur, Sharra's Exile, The World Wreckers (mentioned), Exile’s Song, The Shadow Matrix, Traitor's Sun, The Alton Gift, The Children of Kings

Lewis-Kennard Lanart-Montray Alton y Aldaran is father of Marguerida Alton by Thyra Darriell and grandfather of Domenic Hastur.

Due to his mixed heritage, half Darkovan and half Terran, Lew underwent many trials and has lived a hard life.  He like all Comyn served in the Cadets as well as had Tower training for his laran.

Lew assisted in raising the Sharra Matrix, willingly and unwillingly, because of the Sharra ordeal, he has facial scars and is one-handed, due to radiation he can not reproduce healthy children anymore.

Lew served as a technician at Arilinn Tower and possesses the Alton Gift.

Lew Alton served as Darkovers Senator in the Imperial Senate, when he retired the position was passed down to [[Herm Aldaran. Lew returned to Darkover when his wife became ill,about the time that daughter Marja did. With Marja he used the Alton gift to hide what was used to keep Terranans memory of what Marja and Mikhail used against the Terranans attack on the old North road in Traitors Sun.

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