Matrixes are blue crystals, which amplify the resonances of the brain and transmutes psi power into energy. They help a leronis to concentrate his or her powers, thus amplifying it greatly. The first matrix was given to humans by a Chieri, matrices are also called star-stones for that reason.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Personal matrixes are described as small blue crystals, they are known to glow with an inner light or have dancing lights in them, this all usually depends on the bond between the matrix and its owner.  Many people have said they seem to be "alive".

Matrixes can come in many sizes but all are blue.  A famous or infamous matrix is the Sharra crystal, its described as being large but it is mounted in the hilt of a sword.

Matrixes can accure naturally or can be fabricated, which was common during the Age of Chaos when enormous matrixes were constructed.  The Comyn Council eventually forbade the fabrication of new matrices, because of this matrixes are given a power level number, after the Compact any matrixes over five were destroyed.

Certain matrixes have a special purpose, the Shara matrix because of it purpose and an almost level of worship by the Forge-folk appears and feels like a goddess or fire an elemental force of nature.  If a matrix is used or continuously used as a weapon its "memory" makes it difficult to be used for more peaceful purposes, if its "tasted blood" it will always crave it. 

Matrixes the ScienceEdit

The brain emits psychic waves called energons, each person emits them at a different frequency, once a matix is keyed or attuned to a telepath its frequency becomes similar to that brain.  The flow of energons is then amplified by passing through the matix, the telepath controls this flow and is able to convert the energy into various phenomena.

Keying A MatrixEdit

When a child is tested and found to possess laran they are given a matrix.  Even without training a telepathic mind will tune into the matrix so that they match psychic frequencies.  When properly keyed the luminous points within the matrix with brighten, the amount of light emitted is closely tied to the owners laran potential, the brighter the light the stronger the telepath.

Once the matrix is keyed to its user only a Keeper or a skilled leronis should be allowed to touch or handle the matrix, even then it can be irratating or painful.  To have anyone else handle or touch your matix is extremely dangerous for both parties, they can be sent into a state of shock.  Just the mere separation of a telepath from their matrix can kill them, if they survive separation they will be physically and mentally "ill" and weak.  If they are separated for an extended time death can occur.

Also one of the greatest punishments for a leronis is to have his or her matrix confiscated or even destroyed by a Tower Keeper.

Matrix StorageEdit

A persons matrix is usally kept in a silk lined leather pouch around their neck, silk is a natural insulator to matrixes.  Even in Towers the walls can be draped in silk to provide mental shielding and larger matrixes or lattices are kept wrapped in silk for storage.  Unkeyed matrixes must be shielded because they will become keyed to the first person that is around long enough or in the most contact.

Large MatrixesEdit

Larger matrixes are usually too powerful for a single person and must be manipulated by a Tower circle,  The Keeper takes the energons emitted by the circle and channels it through the matrix and manipules the energy for whatever application is desired.

When looking at the level of a powerful matrix (usually less than 10) that number usually indicates how many in the circle is required to use the matrix properly and safely.  The Sharra matrix was said to be extremely powerful and guessed to be level 9, it was said to be powerful enough to alter the orbit of one of Darkover's moons.

Monitoring MatrixesEdit

The Comyn Council dictated that all matrices must be monitored.  A monitored matrix is recorded in the nets of the Towers (almost like a computer screen) so that if stolen or any illegal usage is detected it can be found and contained.  The monitoring of matrixes is an important task for many security reasons.

There are still some unmonitored matrixes, such as the Sharra crystal, they are very dangerous and usually are from the Age of Chaos.

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