Mikhail Lanart-Hastur
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Laran Strong, possesses telepathy
Spouse Marguerida Alton
Father Gabriel Lanart
Mother Javanne Hastur
Siblings Rafael Lanart-Hastur (brother), Gabriel Lanart-Alton (brother), Ariel Alar (sister), Liriel Lanart-Hastur (sister)
Children Domenic Alton-Hastur (son), Roderick Alton-Hastur (son), Yllana Alton-Hastur (daughter)
Family Hastur
Novels The Heritage of Hastur, Sharra's Exile, The Hastur Lord, Exile's Song, The Shadow Matrix, Traitor's Sun, The Alton Gift, The Children of Kings

Mikhail Lanart-Hastur is the third son of Javanne Hastur and Gabriel Lanart. He was make heir to the regency of Darkover by his uncle Regis Hastur when he was a baby.

Mikhail is married to Marguerida Alton and has fathered three children, DomenicRoderick and Yllana .

Through some misadventures in time he met Varzil the Good and was given Varzil's ring which merged with Mikhail's matrix stone and allows him great and fantastic powers to heal and destroy.

Mikhail is described as having fair hair with some curl, remarkable blue eyes and a full mouth.  He was educated in Darkovan and Terran ways at the insistence of Regis.

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