Moon Phases was a Darkover fanzine edited first by Ingrid Maack and the, from issue #7 onwards, by Nina Boal.[1] According to some sources he first issue was printed in July 1981, but in fact, issue #4 was published in July 1981. After that, the fanzine appeared more or less annually until 1993, when the last issue, #15 was published.[2] [3]

Issue 7 was published 1985 and was 122 pages and included material by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Nina Boal, Leslie Fish, "and others." [4]

Issue 8 was 210 pages and included material by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Nina Boal, Jean Lamb, "and a poet named Perrenelle Double-handed".[5]

Issue 13 was published in 1989, before the issue 12 which was published in 1991. [6]

Issue 12 was published in 1991, after issue 13. The issue consisted of a single novel Masks by Jean Lamb.

Moon Phases folded down after issue #15, following the Marion Zimmer Bradley Fan Fiction Controversy caused by Moon Phases issue 12. [7]

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