Rafe Scott
Vital statistics
Race One-quarter chieri
Sex Male
Laran Extent of powers unknown, possesses telepathy
Spouse Rafaella n'ha Liriel (freemate)
Father Zeb Scott
Mother Felicia Darriell
Siblings Thyra Darriell (maternal half-sister), Marjorie Scott (sister)
Family Scott
Novels The Heritage of Hastur, The Planet Savers, Sharra's Exile, Exile's Song, The Shadow Matrix, The Alton Gift

Captain Rafael Scott or Rakhal Scott is the child of a Terran, Zeb Scott, and a Darkovan, Felicia Darriell, he is the brother to Marjorie Scott and he works at the Terran Spacefore base in Thendara City.

He stays working at the Terran base mostly to keep the Terran Empire from destroying the Darkovan culture or finding out too much about matrix science.  He was eventually "released" or forced to retire from Terran service so he decided to open and run a Expedition Company to help Darkovans or Terrans cross the mountains or guide them across the plains.His partner is Free Amazon Rafella Marja Altons friend,Rafella is well known for guiding people.

Rafael or Rafe Scott is described as being short with gold flecked eyes.  He has enough laran to read surface thoughts only but does possess some of the Aldaran Gift.

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