Rumail Deslucido
Vital statistics
Sex male
Laran yes, very powerful
Father Rakhal Deslucido
Siblings Damian Deslucido (half-brother)
Family Deslucido
Occupation laranzu
Novels The Fall of Neskaya, Zandru's Forge

Also known as Rumail of Neskaya, Rumail was the half-brother of Damian Deslucido, king of Ambervale and Linn, and for a time several other small kingdoms.  Rumail was thoroughly evil from almost any viewpoint.

Rumail served at Neskaya Tower and was dismissed due to mental tampering. He had the unique laran ability to lie under truthspell and make others able to do so as well.

Rumail is described as having a long, seamed face and grey eyes.

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