Taniquel Hastur-Acosta
Vital statistics
Sex female
Laran yes
Spouse Padrik Acosta (deceased)
Children Felicia Hastur-Acosta
Family Hastur
Occupation Queen of Acosta, leronis
Novels The Fall of Neskaya

Taniquel Hastur-Acosta is niece of the Hastur king (Rafael II)(at time of The Fall of Neskaya); also laranzu, works at Neskaya

Taniquel, in an arranged marriage, is married to King Padrik Acosta and becomes Queen of those lands.  She is widowed during the attack of King Deslucido's men and his brother, Rumail, who is a landau and Keeper.  Taniquel escapes and returns to Thendara Castle to her uncle carrying the unborn child and rightful heir to Acosta.

Taniquel is described as having long dark raven hair, petite and pretty. She is said to have minimal laran but she displays strong mental shields, empathy and a psychic danger sence/precognition.  She is also very intellegent for a woman of that era showing proficiency with a bow and knowledge of strategy. 

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