Andrew Carr a Terranan survives a plane crash while flying for Mapping & Exploring. Hes the only survivor and somehow escapes. He keeps on seeing a woman who looks like a spirit, she shows up and keeps him from entering the plane just before it falls over a cliff. Andrew tries to escape the latest bad snow storm and the spirit girl tells him how to find a shelter. The spirit girl which Andrew first saw in the Trade City of Thendara turns out to be a captured female whos in Keeper training name Callista. Andrew ends up showing up at Armida and is confused when he sees Ellemir until he realizes that the two women are twins.Damon Ridenow shows up at Armida almost gets killed and the men with him are killed,Ellemir asks him to visit because her twin sister Callista has disappeared. Damon ends up believing that for some reason only Andrew has any contact with Callista. Dom Esteban the father of the twins ends up coming home but he barely escapes being killed, but the sword expert got a small wound in his back which paralyzes him from the waist down. Damon has no sword fighting but Esteban puts a small matrix on his blade and uses it to help Damon rescue Callista from the Caves of Corresanti which have been taken over by the Cat Men. Damon ends up rescuing Callista and destroying a large matrix. With the head of the Cat men dead the darkening lands are finally over. Andrew turns out to be a telepath and decides to stay he fell in love with Callista.

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