Darkover as it is known by its inhabitants is a planet in the Cottman star system circling a giant red sun.  There are seven planets in all, Darkover being the fourth and only habitable planet.  Cottman V is an ice planet that while not toxic to humans, it cannot naturally support a self-sustaining human population.

Like Cottman V, Cottman IV or Darkover is stuck in a permanent ice age, only a small equatorial strip of its single smallish continent is warm enough to support limited agriculture, fishing and livestock.  Similar in size to Earth, Darkover has a lower gravity due to its relative lack of metals but a higher percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere.  A Darkoveran year is roughly equal to fifteen Earth months.

Unlike Earth with one natural satelite, Darkover has four moons with affect tidal forces and weather patterns.  The name of the moons are purple Liriel, Kyrrdis, Idiel and Mormallor.

Terran ClassificationEdit

Cottman IV is considered by the Terran Empire to be a Class D Closed world.  They have a Class D trade agreement as well which means construction of a large spaceport for Type Beta traffic flow, services and concesions to cater to spaceport personnel, a Mapping and Exploring division, Medical Exchange services, and clearly defined tradezones with no Terran infiltration into native areas and vice versa.

This spaceport is built near Thendara City and at the time of the World Wreckers been operational for seventy-eight years, each years consisting of 389 days.

Per the Class D agreement there is no mechanized industry, no mining or surface transit and no continuous input or outflow of exportable or importable goods or services.

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