Thyra Darriell
Vital statistics
Race One-quarter chieri
Sex Female (emmasca at birth)
Laran Strong laran, possesses telepathy (wild telepath)
Spouse Robert Raymon Kadarin (freemate)
Father Kermiac Aldaran
Mother Felicia Darriell
Siblings Beltran Aldaran (paternal half-brother), Damon Aldaran (paternal half-brother), Marjorie Scott (maternal half-sister), Rafe Scott (maternal half-brother)
Children Marguerida Alton (daughter by Lew Alton)
Family Darriell, Aldaran
Novels Rediscovery, The Heritage of Hastur, Sharra's Exile, Exile's Song (mentioned), The Shadow Matrix (mentioned), The Alton Gift (mentioned)

Thyra Scott is the older half sister to Marjorie Scott .  She is a red-haired, red-lipped, golden eyed[1] woman who has alot of laran but is undisciplined.  Lew Alton thought her to be slight, sharp featured and looked alittle like Kermiac Aldaran , who is believed to be her father, her mother being Felicia Darriell .

She is from Aldaran and participated in the summoning of Sharra.  Thyra is an extremely powerful telepath but wild and undisciplined in her training.  Lew described her mental presence as a savage animal, dark, sinuous, musky and on the prowl.

She is the mother of Marguerida Alton with Lew Alton, even though she was freemates with Robert Raymon Kadarin.

  1. Bradley, Marion Zimmer. The Heritage of Hastur, DAW, p 98

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