Tower of Arilinn
Vital statistics
Type Tower
Where situated on the Plains of Arilinn
Referenced Oathbreaker

The tower of Arilinn is the most respected tower on Darkover.  Many famous and powerful leronis has worked and trained here.  Arilinn is known for keeping to tradition when it comes to training especially with Keepers.

Arilinn Tower is descibed as being a high, squat, upright building made of brown glareless stone.  It possess two outer courtyards with various buildings, to enter the Tower one must go through a carved archway which houses The Veil, a force field which only allows those who are true Comyn.

The building is said to house 20-30 bedrooms as well as sitting rooms, parlors, study's and various other rooms, including a kitchen and dining room.  At full capacity Arilinn Tower is capable of housing 3 full circles, each with its own Keeper (The Bloody Sun).

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