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    Well I appear to be in the deep end of the pool now!  I've been granted admin and bureaucrat privs.  That should allow me to set up a forum.  What else I'm still learning!

    I've continued to add new content, mostly in the form of stub pages.  Two new templates have been added, Template:Book and Template:Place.  The former is in good shape but the Place template I am not satisfied with at all.  If anyone has suggestions, please speak up on the talk page for that template.

    This is a massive project.  It is daunting!  However, no journey ends until the first step is taken. ;-))

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    Ok!  It's the end of another day and I find myself further drawn, not less.  After some mad re-arranging and creation of new pages (mostly with only placeholder information it is true ... I was trying for structure today, more than solid, meaty information), I have made a fool of myself and requested admin priviledges for this wiki.  A fool I may be, but not totally mad.  The only current admin of the wiki was last seen in 2008 ... and never once made an edit.  I figure I really can NOT do worse!

    Anyway, more important news was the creation of template for characters, a box that collates a few details in a consistant way.  You can find it at Template:Character and if you find a character page without it, please add it!  If you have suggestion…

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    A blog post ...

    I suppose I should introduce myself somewhat and say why I have signed up to this wiki.

    I am a long time (40+) SF & fantasy reader.  Perhaps my favorite series of books (other than Tolkien) are those concerned with Darkover.  I read my first Darkover books in the old Ace Double format, back when 45,000 to 60,000 words were considered a novel.  I fell in love with them then and that love affair has not dimmed across all this time many, many re-readings, and multiple co-authors and inheritor authors.

    That would be who I am and somewhat of why I am here.  With the recent releases of new Darkover books in the past few years and talk of a TV series to boot, back I went to re-read my favorite stories.  That led to reading the storie…

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