• LinnzyB

    character section

    August 28, 2009 by LinnzyB

    If you check out the updated character section, you will find that it hasn't been fully updated with EVERY story and novel. This is because i haven't managed to get my hands on every one. And yes I know i havent really finished Exile's Song and Traitor's Sun, but that's because I didn't add the characters to my personal list before i returned them to the library. I have gotten a few anthologies that i will add ASAP.

    Also, many characters (like Regis and Lew) appear in multiple novels, and I figure this list is cramped enough, so I will only write about them once. I will try to give them a list of books they also appeared in though, but as i keep reading they keep popping up in unexpected places. if u find a book i haven't added yet, ADD IT …

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