Valdir-Lewis Lanart-Alton
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Laran Alton Gift, possesses telepathy
Spouse Elorie Ardais (daughter of Gabriel Ardais and Rohana Aillard)
Father Esteban Alton
Mother Marcella Ridenow
Siblings Coryn Alton (paternal half-brother), Dorian Lanart-Ardais (sister), Ellemir Lanart-Ridenow (sister), Callista Lanart-Carr (sister), Domenic Alton (brother), Desiderio Leynier (paternal half-brother), two unnamed paternal half-brothers
Children Lewis-Arnad Alton (son), Kennard Alton (son)
Family Alton
Novels The Forbidden Tower, Thendara House (mentioned), Star of Danger, The Winds of Darkover, The Bloody Sun, Sharra's Exile (mentioned)

Valdir Alton is the Lord of Armida and Kennard and Lewis-Arnad's father.  He was also Cleindori's foster-father.

He possess the full Alton Gift.

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